Biographie – Musical activities

A musician since childhood, I resumed my musical studies as an adult, at the Toulouse Conservatory, at the University of Toulouse-Mirail, and then within the framework of the Willems International Federation. After six years of study in Toulouse and then in Paris for one weekend a month, as well as in Lyon, I obtained the Willems Pedagogical Diploma in Music Education in 1991. More than a simple musical education, the Willems training represents for me a fabulous opening to life, under all its aspects, both artistic and rigorous. I recommend to all music lovers to go and discover the website of this association.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to practice an instrument or to teach music, but I continue to sing with private lessons and I am part of the Ensemble Vocal A Contretemps directed by Guy Zanesi.

Moreover, my current research subject gives me the pleasure to combine music and astronomy, since I am very interested in the stellar vibrations induced by the sound waves that propagate in these large gaseous spheres, which behave like resonance boxes of musical instruments. This passion allowed me to publish in collaboration with the musician Claude-Samuel Lévine the book « La Nouvelle Musique des Sphères« .