Discover here The Real Music of the Stars
Astrophysicists have discovered that many stars of the sky, including our own Sun behave like resonant cavities of musical instruments.
Sound waves propagate and resonate in their internal layers, making the surface vibrate.
The sound does not get out of the star, and we cannot hear it directly, which is fortunate. Could we hear it, the sky would become an awful cacofonia!
On the other hand a thorough analysis of the observed vibrations of the stellar light gives all the needed information about the vibrating harmonics, their frequencies and intensities.
We have access in this way to the real sound of the stars. This is important for a scientific viewpoint, and can also be used for artistic creation.
La Nouvelle Musique des Sphères (the New Music of the Spheres)
is a popular book written by Sylvie Vauclair, associated to an
original musical creation by the composer Claude-Samuel Lévine,
including the real sounds of twelve stars, transposed for the human ear.

Listen to the real sounds of twelve stars including the Sun,
transposed by 18 octaves to make it audible by the human ear:


This 52' TV documentary, in French with English subtitles, is available, upon request, for private use, for projections in movie theaters or festivals. It can be accompanied by discussions with the public, and also by mini-concerts. It gives information about the stellar vibrations and features musical concerts.
Please ask for it by using the contact page.


 Paper published in the international journal Planetarian:
some radio programs on the music of the stars (mostly in French):
   Présence Matin en direct du Pic du Midi, le 19 février 2014, photo Joseph Jankovic

Radio Canada Première, 25 septembre 2014, Patrick Masbourian : émission PM (2eme partie, 15h06 à 15h36)
France Inter, 29 avril 2014, Barbara Carlotti, Cosmic Fantaisie
France Info, 14 mars 2014, 29 juillet 2014, Daniel Fievet: Info Sciences
Radio Présence, 19 février 2014, Jean-Pierre Alaux : Présence Matin (3h d'émission en direct du Pic du Midi, de 7h à 10h, présentation du livre dans la partie 7)
Radio Canada Première, 16 février 2014, Yannick Villedieu et Colette Mersy : "les années lumière" (interview en fin d'émission, à partir de 1h20)
France Culture, 17 janvier 2014, Michel Alberganti : "Science publique"                      
France Musique, 2 janvier 2014, Thierry Beauvert : "La Matinale"                            
France Inter, 20 décembre 2013, Zoé Varier : "L'heure des rêveurs"                               
Fréquence Radio Protestante, 17 décembre 2013, Françoise Monier : "L'esprit des lieux"
France Culture, 16 décembre 2013, Marie Richeux : "C'est pas la peine de crier"  
Radio Présence, 7 décembre 2013, Sylvie Vauclair : "14ème Chronique astrophysique"    
RFI, 26 novembre 2013, Caroline Lachowsky"Autour de la question"    
RCF Nice, 7 novembre 2013, Denis Jaubert"Tout près de chez vous, Le Grand Format"

La musique des étoiles, conference-concert given at the 24th festival of Fleurance, France, 7 août 2014,  film de captation by Laurence Honnorat




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